Lan Rak Waterfall

Nang Rong Watefall is a popular play area

Nam Tok Lan Rak is a smaller waterfall but no less picturesque. It is located in Tambon Phrommani and is sometimes called Tat Hin Kong Waterfall.

The falls are formed by a stream running down an unusual rock formation. The rocks slope down forming a channel through the verdant forest. The rocks are stepped and the stream cascades down into the drop pool at the bottom.

Like most of the waterfalls, it dries up to a trickle during the dry season.

It is a beautiful and secluded little spot At the entrance are a number of food vendors selling refreshments such as locally grown fresh fruits.

How to get There

A pleasant drive through the countryside takes you to this waterfall. From Nakon Nayok town, take route 3049 north. Approx 6km out of town is a left hand turn signposted towards the waterfall. You then have a pleasant 5km drive through the countryside to the falls.